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For the majority of our websites we use the highly adaptable and easy to use WordPress Content Management System. It’s a leading open source platform and a great starting point for any site build.

WordPress has a clean and intuitive interface for easy self-management and thanks to its scalable nature it can be extended with plugins to create a myriad of different websites – it can power a corporate site, a secure online shop or a complex membership directory.

It’s also great for SEO right out of the box.

And being a market leader, WordPress keeps itself up-to-date and improves its software year on year managing any bugs and security issues along the way making it economical to maintain.

Designing and developing WordPress solutions

custom wordpress plugins cardiff uk

And we don't just design and build WordPress themes. Our WordPress web development services often involve creating custom WordPress plugins. Recently we needed to build a booking plugin tailored to the specific requirements of a storage company to power a unit reservation system. The plugin extended the functionality of WooCommerce - a leading open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress, by allowing features and extensions of the powerful platform such as inventory management, email confirmations and Stripe and PayPal payment gateways to seamlessly integrate with the complex booking engine we developed. The end result - a cost effective custom solution.

custom wordpress plugins cardiff uk booking tool plugin
custom wordpress plugins cardiff uk custom WooCommerce product type
custom wordpress plugins cardiff uk custom WooCommerce product
custom wordpress plugins cardiff uk WooCommerce payment gateways

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