Upload Instagram photos from your PC

If you need to upload Instagram photos from your PC the quickest and easiest way is to do it through the popular Vivaldi web browser.

01. Download and install Vivaldi

vivaldi browser

First of all, visit the Vivaldi site and download the browser if you don’t already have it installed on your OS. Then login to your Insta account and pull up your homepage.

02. Open a web panel

vivaldi panels

Now click the show panel icon bottom left of your screen to open up the side panel options, then click the add web panel icon. Insta should be already selected and clicking the new cross icon opens it in mobile mode.

03. Upload an image

vivaldi mobile

Drag the new panel window over until it’s big enough to work with, then click the cross icon bottom center of the panel to upload an image.

If you can’t see the image to use you might want to try changing the customised files dropdown option on the pop up window to all files.

Click next, add a caption and hashtags as usual and publish to your Insta account. Dead easy.

Upload photo to Instagram from your desktop

You can easily upload photos to Instagram from your desktop with this neat little extension for the Chrome browser. It adds a little icon to your Instagram page that allows you to upload photos to Instagram right from your PC. Works like a charm.

Upload photo to Instagram from your desktop

Update: The extension has been removed from the Chrome web store since this post was made. But there’s an updated guide you can find here Upload instagram photos from your PC.