WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery

Shopping cart abandonment is not a new phenomenon for eCommerce stores. According to the Baymard Institute the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is as high as 69.80% and just a natural consequence of how people use eCommerce sites.

Their latest quantitative study cites a number of reasons for abandonment with the main one being online shoppers using carts like wish lists, looking for the best deals and abandoning them before checkout.

Other reasons included too high shipping costs, needing to create an account or too complicated checkout processes. The full list is below:

abandoned cart stats

So what can online retailers do to bring back users and encourage them to complete their purchase?

Besides hiring an eCommerce website developer to make design changes and rethinking fees, a popular strategy for store owners is to send out abandoned cart emails – emails that remind customers they have items in their cart and encouraging them to complete the checkout process.

If you use WooCommerce to power your WordPress eCommerce store a good abandoned cart plugin is Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce.

abandoned cart plugin

The plugin has free and paid versions but the free version works just fine to capture email addresses for follow up emails.

Once you’ve installed the plugin you’ll need to decide on the kind of recovery email you want to send. There is a default email template that follows the standard WooCommerce template style, or you can add your own email code into the editor.

Next, it’s worth searching for ‘cart abandonment email best practices’ to help with subject line and copy ideas. For example, humour can have an impact on the minds of the people but is humor right for your brand? There are a wealth of posts out there dedicated to getting the best open rates and recovering lost sales.

The plugin template section has a preview and send test email function so you can check layout and content before you enable recovery mode.

There’s no such thing as the perfect abandoned cart email, so test out different subject lines, copy and sending times to see which emails convert into sales.

Track only genuine visitor carts

Open your robots.txt file and add the following lines to prevent bots crawling the Cart, Checkout and My Account pages and creating false visitor carts.

User-Agent: *
Disallow: /*add-to-cart=*
Disallow: /cart/
Disallow: /checkout/
Disallow: /my-account/

You can read more here: Track only genuine visitor carts.