Chrome Aw Snap Temp Fix

I’ve joined the growing number of people that seem to have been hit with the Aw Snap issue.

Google offers the following advice:

1. Check your antivirus or firewall
2. Disable all your extensions
3. Check for malware
4. Create a new profile

Click here for full details

I found those solutions pretty useless TBH. I still haven’t discovered a satisfactory fix but if you relied on Chrome to manage all your passwords you can use the ‘no sandbox’ option to access your data.

Right click on the chrome icon on your desktop and choose properties, then add “–no-sandbox” (dash dash no dash sandbox) with a space after the chrome.exe in the target field you might just find Chrome loads.


Disabling sandbox security is generally not advised as it protects against malware but it’s a temp fix until Chrome gets around to sorting out the issue.