Speed up your WordPress Site

Google made it official that page speed has a direct effect on rankings, and a fast site also improves the user experience of your website visitors. So here are some tips to speed up your WordPress site.

01. Optimize your images


Smush is a great compression tool that uses non-lossy image optimization to reduce file size.

02. Optimize your HTML, CSS & JS

Optimize your HTML, CSS & JS

Fast Velocity Minify works out of the box and requires little configuration. But after installing it, be sure to check your site in incognito mode to ensure it looks great to logged out users. It can conflict with some themes and plugins.

03. Cache your site


WP Super Cache works by serving up static HTML files of each page on your website reducing database queries and the load on your server.

04. Remove slow plugins

usage dd

UsageDD adds a small box at the bottom of your page (only visible to admins) that shows the number of database queries, memory used, time to first byte (TTFB) and the time to generate a full page. It can help you find out which plugins are heavy on resources and slowing down your site.

Post-processing of the image likely failed because the server is busy

Post-processing of the image likely failed because the server is busy

We came across this error for the first time recently when a client emailed over an image he was having trouble uploading to his site.

A bit of research showed this warning can be caused by quite a few issues – but an easy one to rule out right away is whether your filename contains any punctuation marks.

It turned out the apostrophe was causing the issue and renaming the file solved the problem.

WooCommerce additional variation images

If you want to extend your WooCommerce product page to show additional gallery images per variation on variable products there’s a neat little extension that allows you to do just that.

woocommerce variations

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images enhances the product you’re selling by letting you add any number of images to your variable product variations so visitors can see all the different colors and styles.

woocommerce variations

Additionally, it can help to avoid adding the wrong style of product to the cart improving the customer experience.

Ultimate Member err_too_many_redirects

ultimate member

you host a WordPress membership site you may well be using the popular Ultimate Member plugin and chances are if you’ve updated to Version 2 you may be wondering what’s causing the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS warning. There doesn’t seem to be a one fit suits all solution but it’s worth checking Home isn’t set as the Logout page as that can cause redirects. You can check your settings by going to Dashboard -> Ultimate Member -> Settings -> General. If you find yourself getting a 404 error try logging in via your browser’s Incognito mode.