Create unlimited email addresses in Gmail

Create unlimited email addresses in Gmail

This is a really neat trick that lets you know if someone is selling your email address to spammers. If you had the email address and you wanted to sign up to a service like Spotify, you could use Replies would arrive in your inbox as usual but you’d know soon enough if your address had been sold on, allowing you to filter out the spam from your inbox.

How do you spam the spammers?


Looking for some safe and easy payback against spammers? Let do the dirty work for you. Simply forward the spam email to (make sure you strip out any of your personal information) and let their chatbot waste the spammers time. Spamnesty will also send you a link to the conversation so you can watch it unfold in real time.

Never reply to spam emails

It’s rather interesting to visit Spamnesty to see the range of exchanges and cons that are activated the moment a spam email is answered. And it serves as a valuable warning never to respond to spam as it indicates your email address is active making it all the more valuable to other spammers.