Add a tagline to the storefront theme

Add a tagline to the storefront theme

If you have a WooCommerce eCommerce store and use the popular Storefront theme, a simple way to add a tagline below the logo is to use the ::after selector.

.custom-logo-link::after {
	color: #333;
        content: "award winning jeweller, writer and broadcaster";
	display: block;
        font: 400 1rem 'Oswald', sans-serif;
	margin-top: 1rem;
	text-transform: uppercase;

It’s not really an SEO friendly solution as search engines don’t care what’s inside your stylesheet, but it is a rather neat way to display the logo and tagline together.

eCommerce resources for online stores

Here are a few free and useful eCommerce tools that can help to enhance your store and boost sales.

01. Keyword research

keyword tool

Find the right keywords to use with this nifty Keyword Tool.

02. SERP checker

serp checker

Check your website’s Google search ranking position instantly with Whatsmyserp. If you’ve ever wondered how your site ranks for certain keywords this tool will let you know.

03. Hotjar


Hotjar records your visitor’s interaction and through heatmaps, surveys and feedback polls gives you the big picture of how to improve the user experience.

04. GravTag


Reach the right people on Instagram with GravTag. Use relevant hashtags to connect with people who have liked and engaged with similar content.

05. Email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing, ads, landing pages, and automation tools to grow your business with Mailchimp.

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WooCommerce additional variation images

If you want to extend your WooCommerce product page to show additional gallery images per variation on variable products there’s a neat little extension that allows you to do just that.

woocommerce variations

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images enhances the product you’re selling by letting you add any number of images to your variable product variations so visitors can see all the different colors and styles.

woocommerce variations

Additionally, it can help to avoid adding the wrong style of product to the cart improving the customer experience.