iPhone file manager

We decided to write this post after a client asked if we could fix her iTunes. If you’ve never used Documents it’s worth exploring. It’s a great file manager for docs, music, movies and ebooks and easily syncs with iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox. What we really like is how they’ve made it super easy to transfer files from your laptop – simply visit this url https://docstransfer.com/ and use your iPhone camera to connect to the QR code. Done – you’re connected with fast transfer speeds which is outstanding if you need a file upload on the run. Learn more here readdle.com/documents.

Moves – an app that just works

I love it when I find an app that just works the way I want it to.

And Moves is an app that does what it says on the tin. It automatically detects if you’re running, cycling or just walking and then presents an accurate record of the activity. No extra work required on your part – if you move it records it.


I’m also impressed with the clean and simple interface. I can easily find all the data I want including all my past activity with just a few side scrolls. It doesn’t feel the need to overcomplicate the user experience unlike some.



So bottom line – a well-designed no fuss pedometer that does what it says with some added functionality – Moves.