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— Post No.82 —

Nextgen Gallery Fix


If you’ve upgraded from the last stable version of Nextgen Gallery to version 2.x.x and you’re having problems try installing the NextCellent Gallery Plugin. I recently installed it on a client site after the upgrade caused a myriad of problems including the site crawling to a halt. NextCellent fixed all the issues immediately. Highly recommend.

— Post No.81 —

Martin Phillips Studio Update


After stats showed an increasing number of people were using tablets and smartphones to access the Martin Phillips Studio site we decided to implement Bootstrap 3 – the mobile first front-end framework. The homepage was also redesigned to highlight recent posts as Martin uses his blog to maximum effect to showcase his award winning wedding & portrait photography.

View the update online.

— Post No.74 —

Welsh National Pilgrimage Update


It’s been over a year since the launch of the Welsh National Pilgrimage website. A recent meeting was held to discuss how people used the site, the dissemintaion of information and what could be done to improve user experience.

The results are reflected in the site update. The overall feel remains the same but a much better sitemap and layout now enables users to find key information more readily and a forum replaces the blog as the main hub of communication.

Project Details

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework
WordPress HTML5 Theme
Mailchimp Intergration

Visit the site: www.waleslourdes.com

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